About Us

As a public utility firm, CKWD is committed to promote the well-being of the people of City of Koronadal through effective and efficient delivery of potable and sustainable water supply, better quality and responsive services, utilization of modern technology, enhancement of its human resource capability and the transformation of the District into one of the most progressive and viable water districts in the Province of South Cotabato.

A progressive, self- sustaining provider of sufficient potable water supply and quality service in the City of Koronadal.


With the commitment to provide excellent services, we in the CITY OF KORONADAL WATER DISTRICT, shall adopt the following principles:

  1. Diligently adhere to our service standards and strive for excellence in customer
  2. Ensure compliance to all applicable statutory and legal requirements
  3. Engage competent personnel and provide continuous personnel training and development
  4. Regularly review the performance of our Quality Management System for continual

The City of Koronadal Water District takes pride in being a part of the public utility sector committed to deliver efficient service with the highest standards of integrity and morality.

We value and respect our customers as they are the main reason why CKWD exists. Thus, we are dedicated and committed to satisfying our customers’ needs 24/7

We care for the people in our community and we directly involve and engage ourselves in social, economic, cultural and spiritual activities that will uplift and improve their lives and their living condition.

We recognize the value of collective energy and enthusiasm of all our employees and believe that each has a contribution to make to realize our vision. Thus, we strive to create a work environment where our employees can flourish and develop their highest potentials.

We protect and care for the environment in which we live and from which we draw life, and endeavor for a word that is valued, restored, protected, and cherished by this generation and by the coming generation.

We, the officials and employees of the CITY OF KORONADAL WATER DISTRICT, pledge to deliver efficient and equitable public service to all our concessionaires.

Specifically, we will:

  • Serve with integrity, impartiality and professionalism,
  • Attend to our concessionaires’ concerns and complaints politely, courteously and without delay.
  • We work according to the eight-hour standard working time, or beyond when the need arises.
  • Be prompt and timely,
  • Be presentable at all times by wearing proper office uniform and identification.
  • Provide feedback system to assess the quality of the services rendered and make necessary improvements.
  • Treat everyone equally and
  • Provide comfortable area for front line Services.

The City of Koronadal Water (CKWD) which has directly derived its authority and existence from the Provincial Water Utilities Act of 1973, or otherwise known as Presidential Decree No. 198 is mandated to do the following, to wit:

  1. acquire, install, improve, maintain and operate water supply systems for domestic, commercial and industrial uses for residents and people of the City of Koronadal and within the legal jurisdiction of the city;

  2. supports and undertakes to provide, maintain and operate wastewater collection, treatment and disposal facilities, and

  3. performs such other functions and operations incidental to water resource development, utilization and disposal within the city and its environment as are necessary or incidental to said purpose.

Office of the Board of Directors

(083)228-4049 loc.205/201

Francisco D. Sablon Jr.
Chairman – Business Sector

Engr. Danilo B. Araquil
Vice Chairman – Education Sector

Lovi A. Ladera
Secretary – Civic Sector

Atty. Benjie G. Espinosa
Member – Professional Sector

Rosario E. Ruiz
Member – Women Sector

Office of the General Manager

Rey J. Vargas
General Manager
loc. 201/202/203

Administrative and General Services Department
Ma. Lourdes G. Solatorio
Department Manager B
(083) 228-8141

Administrative and Human Resource Division
Amy P. Aguirre
Division Manager B

Accounting, Budget and Cash Management Division
Josephine J. Cosep
Division Manager B

Planning, Water Resources and Quality Division
Engr. Jonathan Q. Gadayan
Supervising Engineer A
(083)228-4049; loc.106

Construction and Maintenance Division
Engr. Milborn N. Nombre
Supervising Engineer – A
(083)228-4049; loc.106

Eduardo A. Panes, Jr.
Water Maintenance General Foreman
(083)228-4049; loc.106

Customer Service and Accounts Division

Genelyn Caballo
Senior Researcher Analyst

Division Manager – OIC
(083)228-4049 loc.201

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