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Bids and Awards

The Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) is responsible for the determination of eligibility, conduct of bidding, evaluation of bids, post qualification of the lowest calculated bid and recommending award of contracts.

The official functions of BAC are enumerated under Republic Act 9184 as follows;

Section 12. The Bids & Awards Committee.- shall have the following functions: advertise and/or post the invitation to bid, conduct pre-procurement and pre-bid conferences, determine the eligibility of prospective bidders, receive bids, conduct the evaluation of bids, undertake post-qualification proceedings, recommend award of contracts: Provided, That in the event the Head of the Procuring shall disapprove such recommendation, such disapproval shall be based only on valid, reasonable and justifiable grounds to be expressed in writing, copy furnished the BAC; recommend the imposition of sanctions in accordance with Article XXIII, and perform such other related functions as may necessary, including the creation of a Technical Working Group from a pool of technical, financial and/or legal experts to assist in the procurement process. In proper cases, the BAC shall also recommend to the Head of the Procuring Entity the use of Alternative Methods of Procurement as provided for in Article XVI hereof.

The CKWD Bids and Award Committee are the following:

  • Chairman : Engr. Milborn N. Nombre
  • V-Chairman : Genelyn E. Caballo
  • Members:
    • Engr. Dionisio B. Duragos, Jr
    • Amy P. Aguirre
    • Marianito F. Manabe
  • Technical Working Group:
    • Engr. Jonathan Q. Gadayan
    • Ivan N. Padilla
    • Jerry M. Gayanilo
  • Secretariat:
    • Dinah B. Songcog
    • Aser G. Sadava
    • Mycee Louise R. Subaldo



TitlePublish Date
Procurement Monitoring Report27 November 2013

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