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A board of directors is a body of appointed members who jointly oversee the activities of City of Koronadal Water District.

It is consists of six members chaired by Mr. Francisco D. Sablon Jr. with representatives from different sectors as follows:

  • Women Sector – Rosario E. Ruiz
  • Civic Sector – Atty. Benjie G. Espinosa
  • Business Sector – Francisco D. Sablon Jr.
  • Professional Sector – Arch. Hermogenes M. Simbulan Jr.
  • Education – Engr. Danilo B. Araquil

The Powers and Duties of the Board are based on the Chapter V of the Amended Presidential Decree No. 198 stated as:

Chapter V Powers and Duties of the Board

Sec. 17. Performance of District Powers. – All powers, privileges, and duties of the district shall be exercised and performed by and through the board: Provided, however, That any executive, administrative or ministereal power shall be delegated and redelegated by the board of officers or agents designated for such purpose by the board.

Sec. 18. Functions Limited to Policy Making. – The function of the board shall be to establish policy. The board shall not engage in the detailed management of the district.

Performs effective planning for the overall operation of the District, in so doing delegation of authority and task to every division for the proper implementation of certain programs. Coordinate with the Board of Directors regarding policies of the water district. Gather updates on legal rulings and new issuances in support for decision making and proper implementation of the projects and programs to attain desirable results for the organization.

The role of this division is to coordinate and facilitate the smooth operations of the City of Koronadal Water District particularly in relation to core planning and implementation. It also facilitates the activities and operations of the district.

The Administrative Section also tasked in the processing of training opportunities and facilitating seminars, courses, in collaboration with other agencies.

Finally, the Administrative and General Service Division is responsible for hiring employees and assisting with new employees’ orientation. The office also assists new and established employees with benefits and changes, among others.

Finance and Commercial Division is responsible for the management and control of all assets of the City of Koronadal Water District.

Finance section concerns are:

  • Preparation of Financial Reports
  • Payments of Payables to Government agencies and others
  • Update Accounting records
  • Consolidate the Proposed Budget of the District every year
  • Budget Monitoring

While the Commercial Section has the following role:

  • Collections of water bill receivables
  • Preparation of Billing Statement
  • Quality Customer Service
  • Monitor Cash Collection and Deposits
  • Preparation of Commercial and Cashier Reports
  • Meter reading and distribution of billing statements


Engineering Sections focused on detailed planning of the districts expansion programs and strategize the project expansion. Oversees the on going project and programs to ensure the stability of the project constructed.


The Maintenance Section’s role is to repair and do preventive maintenance of the main lines, pumping stations, transmission lines, service lines areas, buildings, structures and the like.

Among its other functions are:

  • Installation of New Service Connections
  • Estimation work for materials requirement on applicant’s new service connection.
  • Calibration of water meters.
  • Has 24/7 on call maintenance man for repairs on damages or rather disturbances on the service lines


Production section primary function is to ensure sample amount of clean and potable water is available to our concessionaires at any given time of the day.

To cope up with the daily water demand, constant monitoring is observed in all production facilities and its parameters. Proper disinfection procedure on pumping stations is observed before releasing water to the system. To ensure water quality compliance in Department of Health standards, monthly bacteriological test are conducted in random points of the system including pumping stations. And cleaning of reservoir/tank is conducted semi-annually to further improve water quality. In addition, weekly flushing on critical points of the system is practiced as part of water quality improvement measures.

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